Tips for Preventing Spring Basement Flooding

Tips for Preventing Spring Basement Flooding

The Midwest has had a seemingly endless winter with several feet of snow- but Spring will sneak up on us soon… and that snow doesn’t just disappear. Don’t be caught off guard and risk ruining your basement (especially on waterfront properties) by melting ice and snow. Here are a few tips to prevent (or reduce) basement flooding:

When possible, clear the snow closest to your home (at least 3 feet away) to decrease risk of foundation damage.

Check your gutters before snow on your roof melts (and attach an extender).

Cover any below-grade windows with transparent covers so water can’t seep in.

Check your septic tank before the snow thaws so you won’t have major issues later on.

If you don’t already have one, install a sump pump (or inspect the one you already have).

Fix any damaged or loose pipes.

Consider hiring a home inspector to look for any potential weak or already damaged spots that are vulnerable during the spring thaw.